Top Gear Wall of Death


Did you catch a glimps of Ken Fox teaching the Top Gear Guys on their huge wall of death? 

The team had a fantastic time down at Alexandra Palace in London and got to meet some amazing people in the process. 

Ken, Luke and Alex were involved in the training and testing of the cars as well as helping with the mechanical aspects and making sure they were wall suitable. Day 4 of filming even saw the chance for Kerri and Abby to hop into the passanger side of the Can AM and go for a spin on the biggest wall the have ever been on. 

Guy Martin's Wall of Death


The world watched in awe as Guy Martin took to live TV in his attempt to complete the World record for the fastest Motorcycle ride on the Wall of Death. He completed his callenge reaching a speed of 70.33mph. Taught by Ken, Luke and Alex, the whole team loved this filmilng project