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Our sister wall is ran by Ken's son Luke and his partner Kerri, Just like the Ken Fox Wall of Death, Luke and Kerri attend a range of shows and events all over the UK and Europe. The Original wall is the longest operating wall of death in the UK today and continues to amaze everyone who sees their show.
We use original 1920's Indian Scout motorcycles and keeping on top of maintenance is our no.1 priority therefore we only use the best spark plugs around. NGK!! We are very grateful for their continued support over the years in helping us keep our bikes running at their best.
We had the pleasure of Gary Margerum spending a season with us and taking some amazing photos. He put all his photographs together in his book HELL RIDERS- A journey with the wall of death. Check out his work on his website
It was truly a blessing to meet Pitted Forks at the Staffordshire bike show, and we cannot recommended them enough they turned our tired looking pitted forks into ones that look just like they did the day the Hondas came out of the factory.
Only the best for our bikes, that's why we use Morris oil. Giving that our bikes are 100 years old this year we like to make sure they are well oiled machines, it keeps them running nice and smoothly.
Outside of trick and stunt riding our crew like to partake in a range of other motorcycle activities. Whenever they get the opportunity they shop at John Lee & Sons for some awesome bike merchandise and it helps that its all at great prices as well.